Bright Bears Early Childhood Centre believes that as children interact with their social and physical environments, ask questions of themselves and others and develop theories that have meaning to them, they are constructing knowledge and developing skills.

A question or an observation by child or teacher can lead others into exploring new territories that they had never thought of before. Therefore teachers encourage children’s curiosity, helping them make decisions and choices through project work.

We believe project work helps children have a deeper understanding of their environment and experiences.

  • It helps children recognise others have a differing point of view.

  • Children become more confident in their ideas.

  • Children are more actively involved in their exploration.

  • Children listen more in depth.

  • Children’s self-esteem increases as they realise their thoughts and theories are valued.

  • Children feel confident to question things.

  • They develop and extend their research skills establishing a good sense of reasoning.

  • Children are active explorers in their learning.

We also believe the teachers need to be involved in the children’s exploration and join in their curiosity. We try to extend their interest and attention span and increase their range of strategies.

Through documenting the children’s thoughts they become more curious, interested and confident as they contemplate what they have achieved. It also focuses the teacher’s attention on the children’s intentions and understandings.

As the projects get underway teachers reflect, explore, research and plan ways to elaborate and extend the theme.

Through observation, documentation captures the learning which enables collaboration with parents, reflection, interpretation and analysis during programme planning. It makes learning visible to fostering the children’s identity and generates other possibilities for extending learning.