Bright Bears is committed to providing a safe, nurturing, positive environment for the children and their families We provide quality care in an educational setting with emphasis on meeting the children’s physical, emotional, intellectual and social needs.

Through an emergent curriculum which follows the children’s interests, teachers support the children’s curiosity, helping them make good decisions and choices.

We encourage children to develop and further their interests/skills/strengths by working independently and in collaboration with reasoning strategies.

Our objective is to provide a smooth transition to school therefore focus on extending children’s competency in all areas.

We incorporate Te Reo Māori and Tikanga Māori in our daily curriculum.

By incorporating Tikanga Māori and the various cultures of our community into our curriculum and routines, the children will gain insight and experiences enriching their understanding of the uniqueness of the cultural diversity of New Zealand.

We believe that interactions and relationships between family/whanau/children and staff contribute to a partnership that provides the best possible outcomes for children.

The well-being of the children is the whariki (mat) on which we build an environment where every child’s health and emotional well-being is nurtured and they are kept safe from harm.

With a strong, loving foundation in place, we give our children the structure on which they can build, assisting all children to grow up as competent, confident, learners and communicators.

Each child needs the best start of life. Our overall goal is for each child to leave Bright Bears as happy, competent and confident learner, equipped with all the necessary skills for their future.


High Quality Care & Education. A Safe, Stimulating Learning Environment.