“We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the team of teachers at Bright Bears for your support, input and dedication you have shown in our son Levi’s journey at Bright Bears over the last year. We were so sad to have to leave the centre when we moved off the coast this month. Below is some feedback on our experience at the centre that we wanted to share with you and his teachers. Our son Levi joined Bright Bears at two and a half and was at the school for the past year. We loved the look and atmosphere of Bright Bears from day one and our son just fitted right in and enjoyed every moment of his time there. He would just run straight in with a smile on his face each morning, which gave us great comfort. The centre’s environment is very down to earth and welcoming, and the teachers are always friendly and so helpful and caring.
We have truly seen Levi grow and mature in so many ways during his time at the centre. We were really impressed by the semi structured approach that the that the centre follows, as we can see that it has provided a real balance in our sons learning and exploration and has already started to quip him with the necessary tools for school next year. Levi typically enjoyed learning to identify the letters of the alphabet and starting to write his name, he often asks to practice these at home. Levi also always came home with lots of news to tell us about his days activities and adventures. We really enjoyed and appreciated the portfolios and regular updates that the teachers customised for him showing how his learning’s and growth in different aspects, it really made us feel part of his learning experience. We especially love that the centre is so family & community-orientated – we have really felt a part of centre life. You know at Bright Bears that it’s all about the children, nurturing and supporting their development, and we can really see the outputs of this in our son’s development over the past year. Thank you again for the incredible work you did for our son, we have and will continue recommending Bright Bears.”

Diveanne and Robert Allin

“We have two boys that attend Bright Bears Preschool, one is four soon to be five, and the other is three. Before enrolling our eldest child at Bright Bears in March 2015 I did extensive research into where we would send him. I looked at, and considered, six other centres in the local and wider community. My partner and I believe in a fun and safe environment that encourages both free play along with some structured learning. We were keeping in mind that our eldest would be turning four at the end of year and felt he needed some where he could develop and prepare for school. I found a wide variance in services offered at the different centres. In the end we chose Bright Bears because of the balance they have in the learning and free play. The welcoming environment and staff were a big bonus and made our decision so much easier.
Our eldest child settled in very quickly and was extremely happy going to Bright Bears. He grew more excited about being big enough’ at four to attend the school room. He is an active learner and has thrived on the learning he gets through these lessons. He is soon off to school and we believe he is well prepared and adjusted to the learning environment he will encounter. Due the obvious contentment of our eldest child, we enrolled his younger brother in August 2015 at the age of two. He has also thrived at Bright Bears and we see an obvious benefit in his learning as well. We would highly recommend Bright Bears to anyone; we especially like the balance they offer between play and learning. Our children are very happy there and have a great relationship with all of the staff at Bright Bears. It is great to know that your children are happy when you leave them at preschool and enjoy their day. We love hearing about what they do and learn and believe Bright Bears have a fantastic and positive environment. We’re happy to answer any questions, or if you would like any further information from parents’ perspectives.”

Heather Waite

“I just wanted to write a letter to express my gratitude to you all on the amazing work you have done in helping Ella to become my cleaver little girl. As you know Ella turned 5 in April and has now been at school for a little over a month. I have been so amazed at how easily she has transitioned into her school learning and within such a short time has picked up reading and writing. When I have talked to her teacher she explained to me that all her learning she had been doing at bright bears has been extremely helpful. Before she started she was able to sound out, identify and write all her letters which has made her step into, reading words and books so much easier. Her teacher was very impressed with all of the other bright bear kids and how up to speed they all are.
I really accredit the “school classroom” that you have at bright bears not only is it helping with the children’s learning but it also mentally gets them ready for what to expect in a classroom situation and I know Ella always felt so grown up to be able to go into the classroom and get to do her special big girl learning. You are all such an amazing bunch of teachers at bright bears and I really am so happy that my kids get to come into such a fun, loving, safe environment when they are at bright bears and I tell everyone I know how great you all are at the centre. Hayden can’t wait to be 4 so he can be a big boy and go to the school room. Thanks for everything!”

Jodie Hick

“I am writing to congratulate the staff and management of Bright Bears Preschool, Manly, where my son August Rees attended from 2013 until he began school in February this year. When August started at Whangaparaoa Primary I was a little apprehensive at how he would adjust, leaving his friends, and beloved teachers from Bright Bears behind him. I am happy to say that right from day one August settled into school, adapting to the extended hours and somewhat more structured environment with bravery and resilience.
I believe the years August spent in the safe and loving care of the Bright Bears team combined with the gentle teaching he received in the “school room” provided a good foundation for his future education. My thoughts were confirmed by August’s year 1 teacher at Whangaparaoa Primary telling me that all the children who came to her from Bright Bears, were well adjusted and had a fabulous start, emotionally, socially and with their basic knowledge of numbers letters etc. Thank you Bright Bears. What you are doing is working! Keep up the good work; we were lucky to have spent the past 3 years with you.”

Melanie Kerr

“Our 4 year old daughter has been attending Bright Bears since Jan this year and we can’t say enough good words about the preschool. Our daughter has developed in many ways since starting Bright Bears especially since attending the school room when she turned 4. She loves to learn and her knowledge, vocabulary, numbers and writing skills are improving all the time. We have also noticed an improvement in her listening, tidying and manners at home.
She clearly thrives on the structured day and learning environment provided at Bright Bears while still having lots of fun and play time. We are certain this grounding will provide an easy and smooth transition for her into primary school next year. Thank you Bright Bears for taking such great care of our girl.”

Lydia and Denver Watson